Fight, collect, evolve!

Fight Me is a play2own and compete2earn game.

It's a fight club management game, where you collect fighters, train and upgrade them to compete and win tournaments thus climbing the ranks.

Fight Me is developed by Nekki - the game developer who reached over 1 billion players worldwide!

Every fighter is an evolving NFT

Manage, grow and own your fighters as one-of-a-kind digital collectibles.

With each upgrade the fighter evolves, obtaining new impressive skills and increasing in value.


Experience a thrilling adventure in a galaxy governed by the enigmatic BoostCorp, the exclusive producer of Boost Cola. This extraordinary beverage gives its consumers unique powers and traits from parallel dimensions.

Members of the elite Fight Me Club compete fiercely for this elixir, their ticket to unmatched supremacy. The endgame? To ascend as the unrivalled champions of the multiverse!

Ways to earn


Of fight me club

  1. You TALK about Fight Me

  2. You SHARE your Fight Me link

  3. Your recruits increase your success


2023, Q3
  • Community building
  • Website launch
  • Whitepaper and Cinematic
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Whitelist for Presale

2023, Q3

2023, Q4
  • NFTs Presale
  • In-game Fighters Dojo
  • Evolution mechanics
  • Affiliate Club launch
  • Trophy Road

2023, Q4

2024, Q1
  • Closed Beta Launch
  • Fight mechanics
  • Leagues and Seasons
  • Boost Cola

2024, Q1

2024, Q2
  • Global game launch
  • New set of fighters
  • Marketplace integration
  • Tournament mechanics

2024, Q2


What is Fight Me?
Fight Me is a play-to-own and compete-to-earn fighting game where players unlock, collect, train, and evolve NFT fighters for ranks and tournaments.
How to play and earn in Fight Me?
Acquire and level up characters, engage in battles and tournaments, and earn rewards and achievements based on your performance and character strength.
What is evolving NFTS?
Evolving NFTs are unique fighters that gain new random skills and enhance their attributes as they level up. Each fighter evolves along its own path, creating a unique gaming experience.
What is Boost Cola?
Boost-Cola is a special resource that allows you to level up your fighters. You can obtain Boost-Cola as a reward for achieving a high rating, participating in tournaments, and inviting referrals.
How to obtain Fight Me NFTs?
Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on obtaining Fight Me NFTs. Our plans will be shared in the near future.
What will Early Fighters receive?
Early Fighters will receive exclusive bonuses, gaining a head start, exploring mechanics, and establishing a strong position in the Fight Me community.